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Real Estate

The Stuart Law Office represents those involved with real estate litigation, real estate closings, and other real estate transactions.

Unlike many real estate attorneys, Attorney Rhonda Stuart is experience not only in transactional work, but litigation. Ms. Stuart can therefore offer the skillful advice during a transaction, and bring the litigator’s muscle to bear, if necessary.

Real estate closings

Attorney Rhonda Stuart is skilled in real estate closings, and knows how to facilitate a the smoothest closing possible. See her article, “Real estate closings: a lawyer’s role.

Further she is a title agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company – so she has title expertise and experience that many attorneys don’t.

Real estate disputes

Whether your dispute involves a lease negotiation, eviction, or a boundary dispute, Attorney Rhonda Stuart has the expertise to negotiate or litigate a solution. It is often in a client’s best interest to avoid litigation  – but if it is necessary, it best to have an attorney who knows what to do at the negotiating table, and in court.