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Managers everywhere are concerned about reducing costs, improving efficiency, and helping employees make well-informed decisions. The Stuart Law Office can bring big-company litigation expertise to small and medium-size companies.

The Stuart Law Office handles the following areas of commercial litigation, including others:

  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Non-Competes
  • Business Purchase Disputes
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Tortious Interference
  • Financing Disputes
  • SBA Loan negotiations

We will meet with you and your company to distinguish the specific legal services your company requires. There are some basics that every company needs from an attorney:

  1. Subject matter familiarity. Here is the first problem that many companies run into. They think they are hiring an attorney who already has the answers. Unfortunately, that legal pillar of the community is probably having one of his first year associates spend all week writing a fancy brief on your straight forward questions. Familiarity with a company’s position in the market and its desired goals are necessary to appropriately counsel the company on future pursuits, damage control, and policy.
  2. Compliance Compliance Compliance. An executive is charged with the financial welfare and growth of the company. The deep involvement and investment in projects or operations may affect one’s perspective. An attorney will objectively evaluate the situation, establish a bright-line or boundary, and discuss possible solutions to approach the situation. Regardless, an attorney is typically called on to keep the marketing, services, labor practices, and operations compliant with federal and state requirements.
  3. Internal and External Advocacy. An attorney is often used to confirm and validate the legality of certain company actions; providing confidence to investors, partners, and third-party beneficiaries. An attorney acts in the capacity as agent to advance the interests of the company and its components, while assessing potential complications and exposures. Lastly, an attorney is often used to settle internal disputes or confusion between departments and/or divisions.