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Why Your Attorney Matters In A Real Estate Transaction

Many times I will get calls from people buying or selling a home who are shopping around for the cheapest attorney possible.  Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions most people are ever involved in, so why leave it to the person willing to accept the least amount of money for his or her services?

Problems with Cheap Real Estate Attorneys

Attorneys who charge very little for closings usually hand off most of the work and client communication to paralegals or secretaries.  You will have minimal contact with the cheap attorney until the day of the closing.  Is this what you expected when you signed up?  If you hire me, you get my personal cell phone number so that you can speak directly with me regarding any questions or issues you might have as the closing progresses.  I also make it a policy to try to answer all emails within 48 hours.

High Volume Does Not Mean Better Results

Some real estate attorneys like to reel you in by telling you how many closings they do, or that the focus exclusively on real estate closings.  You would think that would mean that they are an expert in closings, but that is not always the case.  An attorney may know everything about a closing, but know nothing about negotiating a short sale, foreclosure or REO purchase.  I have experience in all three, both from the perspective of representing clients and representing banks.  The knowledge that I gained through my practice in other areas have proven invaluable.

I also have experience in family law and probate, so if you are selling a house due to divorce or death, I understand the big picture.  There may be other issues at play outside of drafting a few documents and showing up on the date of the closing to collect a check.

How Much Should A Closing Cost?

What I offer is a base price for a completely routine closing, and then a reduced hourly rate for situations that arise outside of the normal closing.  For example, as a buyer, a lender may want an old corporation that you had an interest in dissolved.  Or as a seller, there may be a lien on your property that you had no knowledge of.  Removing the lien would require work outside of the average closing.   It is rare that issues arise requiring additional  services.  If they do, I have you covered.

If you are thinking of buying and selling a home, give me a call.  708.466.6912.  I represent buyers and sellers in Cook and Lake Counties.