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Bugged by a neighbor? Sue to prevent nuisance.

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What is a nuisance?

Recently a couple living in a Lakeview condo filed suit against their neighbor, the condo association, numerous board member and others for damages to their unit that they say resulted from their neighbor being allowed to keep 20 cats in her one bedroom unit.  The couple claims the smell of cat urine and feces enter their unit through the ventilation system, resulting in exacerbation of allergies and thousands of dollars to replace furniture and other items that the smell permeated.  While complaints were made to the neighbor and the association, no action was taken.  They have tried to move but have been unable to sell the unit.

Taking action against a neighbor’s nuisance

Do you have a neighbor who is making your life miserable?  Whether it’s a condominium or a single family residence you may have a cause of action.  A private nuisance means that your neighbor’s actions, while not occurring on your property, are preventing you from having the use and enjoyment of your property.  Noxious odors caused by one neighbor that impact the other neighbor are a perfect example.

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