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How does the Illinois Civil Union Act impact my business?

The Illinois Civil Union Act confers on civil union couples the same legal benefits and protections as married couples under Illinois law. This article is an overview, but you can contact me, Oak Brook employment lawyer Rhonda Stuart, if you have an immediate concern.

Civil Union FAQ

The Illinois Civil Union Act impacts other laws. Consider the following:

Illinois’ Family Military Leave Act: This Act allows spouses of persons in the military service to take up to 30 days of leave. Under the Illinois Civil Union Act, a partner in a civil union can also get leave if his or her spouse is in the military.

Illinois Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act: The victims of domestic or sexual violence to take up to 12 weeks of leave. These two leave types must be made available to civil union partners.

Illinois Human Rights Act and Chicago Human Rights Ordinance:  Both prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation or marital status.

Handling your civil union discrimination problem

Employers are advised to revisit their relevant policies and practices to ensure they cannot be viewed as making decision with the intent to discriminate against partners in a civil union.

If an employer calls me about any employment law problem, I first make it my priority to learn the relevant facts, then advice the client about the various options. Contact me, Oak Brook and Illinois employment lawyer Rhonda Stuart, if you have an immediate concern.